Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Days turn to another week.....(I'm sure I have used this title before...!)

Unfortunately my laptop has been pining for me for the last week or so. Being me and from living a few hundred yards away from it now, I have not heard it's pleas for me.
There is definately a few small stories to tell over the last week. My hair, having decided to take on it's own unmanagable style, is proving hard for me to make any sense of, similar to that of my new emerging lifestyle. Having bagged myself a second job last week I started work at a local chandlery on Tuesday last week. From there it all took off with me not being able to find a minute to update this blog and prove my adoring readers with another sneak preview into my crazy lifestyle. My average week is now an unbroken 7 days of juggling 2 jobs and sorting out college work.
My tinned gourmet meal collection on the other hand is growing by leaps and bounds as every day goes past. My new found delicacy (and favourite) of the month is Tesco's own beff raveoli at an astonishing £0.46 per tin. Yummy!
Anyway I think I can hear my bed pining for me so I will depart the living and join the half demented for a bit!

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