Monday, 14 June 2010

The last chapter

So my journey of self exploration is finally over, well as far as college is concerned. It all seems to have started and ended in the same place, St Agnes. Not knowing what I would have found when I rocked up here ten weeks ago, i was inspired and astounded by the scenery and the people I met. The beauty of the place influenced me both as a person and as an artist and the work I produced thereafter. Being back here now, reminds me of why it inspired me and why it was a life changing experience. Although not working now, I am having time to explore the beaches, walk the cliffs and rest and recuperate after a seemingly short two years. So this chapter is over, but it is only the start to new voyages of self discovery.
Please carry on reading my blog as I will update it with all my ventures and amusing experiences!

Monday, 10 May 2010

After some hassle from John...!

Okay this post is going to be a short one guys 'cause the pub is calling! But as I promised the darling one we know as John - here are a few photos of my current living quarters :D
3 weeks down and 3 to go.... :( it's gone quickly!My sleeping quarters - bit of a mess now due to 3 weeks of living here!
The lovely interior of my tent looking into my kitchen!

Happy blogging guys!

Tuesday, 4 May 2010

Days turn to another week.....(I'm sure I have used this title before...!)

Unfortunately my laptop has been pining for me for the last week or so. Being me and from living a few hundred yards away from it now, I have not heard it's pleas for me.
There is definately a few small stories to tell over the last week. My hair, having decided to take on it's own unmanagable style, is proving hard for me to make any sense of, similar to that of my new emerging lifestyle. Having bagged myself a second job last week I started work at a local chandlery on Tuesday last week. From there it all took off with me not being able to find a minute to update this blog and prove my adoring readers with another sneak preview into my crazy lifestyle. My average week is now an unbroken 7 days of juggling 2 jobs and sorting out college work.
My tinned gourmet meal collection on the other hand is growing by leaps and bounds as every day goes past. My new found delicacy (and favourite) of the month is Tesco's own beff raveoli at an astonishing £0.46 per tin. Yummy!
Anyway I think I can hear my bed pining for me so I will depart the living and join the half demented for a bit!

Tuesday, 27 April 2010

Another day, another place

So another day has passed. Another night in my tent. Another awakening to bright sunshine. Another morning hangover.
So I had a day trip to Norwich yesterday. My day started quite normally and continued quite normally too. After getting up and having breakfast (2 pieces of toast with chocolate spread - yum!) I preceded to drive, the hour and a bit long drive, to Norwich. After a few struggling gear changes I got into the swing of things and my Dad didn't seem to wince too much. It was a good day for driving - apart from the only dual carriage parts of the A140 being restricted to one lane and only 40 mph. Bloody killjoys.
After my Dad's half an hour meeting we headed into the city for a small walk around and lunch at our normal eatery. An hour or so later with a stomach full of nachos, chilli con carne, guacamole and cheese we headed back home. The familiarity of the roads was useful on the way home as my lovely father decided to fall asleep after his very strenuous day. I was left alone at the wheel - scary huh!
The evening was as uninteresting as ever what with my normal meal of some tinned concoction and then falling into a familiar half sleep.
Ciao for now!

Sunday, 25 April 2010

Days turn to a week

So the last few days have gone so quickly I havent had a chance to get to my laptop and use the internet! The accumilation of tinned food seems to prove that my diet is worsening. I think the best food I have eaten so far this week was some very posh BBQ food last night. As my transport is limited I only had a few options of places to go to do my weekly shop, and so I ended up at Budgens in Woodbridge. The range of sausages and burgers was limited (and expensive) so all I could find were some pork and apple sausages and some venison and pork burgers. I decided to treat myself and my few guests to somewhat more posh food! Altogether though last night was a successful evening. Despite the threatening rain in the morning, luck was on our side and the clouds opened to leave us with a blue sky and a sunny evening.
Other events which have filled my life recently seem rather insignificant. The last week has been a busy week of cooking, sleeping, college work, walking, reading, drinking, working and socialising!
On a last note I think anyone who has any interest in surfing and or sheep should take a look at this amazing new video from the finisterre boys and girls!
Adios amigos!

Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Sunshine, walking and pubbing! :) (20/04/10)

Day 2 started well, and after my first night's sleep I was positive about my next 6 weeks. I had survived my first night and had a cup of tea to wake myself up. Fortunately as I did not have to be in college that day, I took an executive decision to have a lie in! Getting up at 10 o'clock, the morning dew had already dried and my tent was soon becoming a sauna! Showering and getting changed I remembered that I had a doctors appointment at 12, for my second, of three, cervical cancer jabs. I do not despise the doctors, but from the experience of my last jab, the outcome was that my arm swelled up for a few days and felt very bruised. Altogether it was definately not an enjoyable experience. I drove into Kesgrave surgery with my mother instructing me (as I am still learning.) I enjoy driving, but the long road through Kesgrave into Ipswich is a 30 mph zone and so I always find myself not concentrating enough on my speed and going well over the speed limit.
After sitting in the waiting room for 30 mins (for a 30 second injection!) I left and headed in the direction of Woodbridge. Getting dropped off at Woodbridge, I bought lunch (all day breakfast sandwiches and 2 packets of hula hoops :) yum yum) and started my 5 mile walk towards the lovely riverside village of Waldringfield.
Just over an hour later I arrived at the workshop where my darling boyfriend was working. Me being almost 2 hours early meant that I spent some of my afternoon doing a couple of odd jobs on Vashti (a yacht which my boyfriend is re-decking) and mainly sitting it his car waiting for him to finish.
When the clock struck 4, we were off. Driving closer to the river, we got to our primary destination, the pub. The Maybush is our local, despite not living anywhere near it. Set on the river bank it is a picturesque place for a drink or a bite to eat.
After bumping into friends of ours, we spent the next few hours basking in the evening sun and myself managing to almost finish a bottle of wine. Thus when the sun was finally setting we made our tracks back home. Dropping me off at my house, my boyfriend left to go home.
I then cooked dinner, read a bit of my book (Widow for one year) and fell into a deep sleep.

Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Day one - eek! (19/04/10)

My expedition has started! The knowledge of sunday night being my last night's sleep in my bed for the next 6 weeks was daunting, yet exciting. Awakening to a gloomy, cloudy morning did not alter my excitement and apprehension for the start of my adventure. Not wanting to leave the loving embrace of my duvet, I struggled out of bed and sleepily made my way down the stairs a final time.
My morning cup of tea moistened my parched, nicotine deprived and slightly dehydrated throat and i realised i had been 17 hours without a cigarette. This was an impressive feat, but only a start. I prayed I wouldn't cave in.
I rode the bus to college, as normal, and got a friendly greeting from my favourite bus driver, Nigel, commenting about it being my first day back after the holidays. Plugging my music in, I fell into my normal trance-like state for the 40 minute bus journey to college, met half way by my friend Drew.
My preparations for my camping quest took up most of the morning, alongside researching artists and hounding peers and tutors for sponsorship money towards my other adventure, my cycling campaign.
My next stop of the day was Sainsburys. I bought myself dinner and breakfast for the next couple of days. My estimated 3 days food cost a total of £6.83 and consisted of tea, milk, fruit, rice, bread and a variety of tinned delights! I then headed home and continued with my preparations. With the help of my lovely, yet slightly impatient, boyfriend I put up my tent and equiped it with all my neccessary belongings. After arguing about who put the tent up wrong, and the correcting it, we headed to the local pub for a much needed beverage. An hour or so later (and a few drinks finished!) I returned to my new home and cooked dinner, which consisted of some stewlike creation and many cups of tea.
I then went to bed.

......I may hasten to add that my non- smoking only lasted until I arrived at the pub, although i did manage to limit myself to 2 only! :S be back tomorrow for more disasterous stories!