Tuesday, 13 April 2010

The Art Of Practice Makes Perfect

Over the last week, spent in Cornwall, I have slept in my tent for a total of five nights. During this time I have experienced sleepless nights, due to cold and beautifully sunny days. Waking up half way through the night with a numb face and toes is an experience I expect will continue in my imminent venture. The second night in my tent was a much more pleasant experience, due to the loan of an extra sleeping bag and blanket from a friend.
Over this period, sleep was much less compromised by a couple of beers and a stomach warming sup of tea before laying my head down. Cocooned in my sleeping bag (and pulling the hood over my head) prevented my nose from going numb halfway through the night, but emerging from my nest in the morning and facing the 'fresh' cornish air was the hardest part.
Although the quality of my nights sleep was compromised by the cold it was still and experience to remember. Waking up to blazing sunshone, an amazing view over the cornish coast, and a half an hour walk into work in the morning definately made my outdoor adventure worthwhile.

My main adventure starts next monday (19/04/10) so will keep you all posted!

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