Sunday, 25 April 2010

Days turn to a week

So the last few days have gone so quickly I havent had a chance to get to my laptop and use the internet! The accumilation of tinned food seems to prove that my diet is worsening. I think the best food I have eaten so far this week was some very posh BBQ food last night. As my transport is limited I only had a few options of places to go to do my weekly shop, and so I ended up at Budgens in Woodbridge. The range of sausages and burgers was limited (and expensive) so all I could find were some pork and apple sausages and some venison and pork burgers. I decided to treat myself and my few guests to somewhat more posh food! Altogether though last night was a successful evening. Despite the threatening rain in the morning, luck was on our side and the clouds opened to leave us with a blue sky and a sunny evening.
Other events which have filled my life recently seem rather insignificant. The last week has been a busy week of cooking, sleeping, college work, walking, reading, drinking, working and socialising!
On a last note I think anyone who has any interest in surfing and or sheep should take a look at this amazing new video from the finisterre boys and girls!
Adios amigos!

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