Wednesday, 21 April 2010

Sunshine, walking and pubbing! :) (20/04/10)

Day 2 started well, and after my first night's sleep I was positive about my next 6 weeks. I had survived my first night and had a cup of tea to wake myself up. Fortunately as I did not have to be in college that day, I took an executive decision to have a lie in! Getting up at 10 o'clock, the morning dew had already dried and my tent was soon becoming a sauna! Showering and getting changed I remembered that I had a doctors appointment at 12, for my second, of three, cervical cancer jabs. I do not despise the doctors, but from the experience of my last jab, the outcome was that my arm swelled up for a few days and felt very bruised. Altogether it was definately not an enjoyable experience. I drove into Kesgrave surgery with my mother instructing me (as I am still learning.) I enjoy driving, but the long road through Kesgrave into Ipswich is a 30 mph zone and so I always find myself not concentrating enough on my speed and going well over the speed limit.
After sitting in the waiting room for 30 mins (for a 30 second injection!) I left and headed in the direction of Woodbridge. Getting dropped off at Woodbridge, I bought lunch (all day breakfast sandwiches and 2 packets of hula hoops :) yum yum) and started my 5 mile walk towards the lovely riverside village of Waldringfield.
Just over an hour later I arrived at the workshop where my darling boyfriend was working. Me being almost 2 hours early meant that I spent some of my afternoon doing a couple of odd jobs on Vashti (a yacht which my boyfriend is re-decking) and mainly sitting it his car waiting for him to finish.
When the clock struck 4, we were off. Driving closer to the river, we got to our primary destination, the pub. The Maybush is our local, despite not living anywhere near it. Set on the river bank it is a picturesque place for a drink or a bite to eat.
After bumping into friends of ours, we spent the next few hours basking in the evening sun and myself managing to almost finish a bottle of wine. Thus when the sun was finally setting we made our tracks back home. Dropping me off at my house, my boyfriend left to go home.
I then cooked dinner, read a bit of my book (Widow for one year) and fell into a deep sleep.

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