Tuesday, 20 April 2010

Day one - eek! (19/04/10)

My expedition has started! The knowledge of sunday night being my last night's sleep in my bed for the next 6 weeks was daunting, yet exciting. Awakening to a gloomy, cloudy morning did not alter my excitement and apprehension for the start of my adventure. Not wanting to leave the loving embrace of my duvet, I struggled out of bed and sleepily made my way down the stairs a final time.
My morning cup of tea moistened my parched, nicotine deprived and slightly dehydrated throat and i realised i had been 17 hours without a cigarette. This was an impressive feat, but only a start. I prayed I wouldn't cave in.
I rode the bus to college, as normal, and got a friendly greeting from my favourite bus driver, Nigel, commenting about it being my first day back after the holidays. Plugging my music in, I fell into my normal trance-like state for the 40 minute bus journey to college, met half way by my friend Drew.
My preparations for my camping quest took up most of the morning, alongside researching artists and hounding peers and tutors for sponsorship money towards my other adventure, my cycling campaign.
My next stop of the day was Sainsburys. I bought myself dinner and breakfast for the next couple of days. My estimated 3 days food cost a total of £6.83 and consisted of tea, milk, fruit, rice, bread and a variety of tinned delights! I then headed home and continued with my preparations. With the help of my lovely, yet slightly impatient, boyfriend I put up my tent and equiped it with all my neccessary belongings. After arguing about who put the tent up wrong, and the correcting it, we headed to the local pub for a much needed beverage. An hour or so later (and a few drinks finished!) I returned to my new home and cooked dinner, which consisted of some stewlike creation and many cups of tea.
I then went to bed.

......I may hasten to add that my non- smoking only lasted until I arrived at the pub, although i did manage to limit myself to 2 only! :S be back tomorrow for more disasterous stories!

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